Tool kits, digging and tuff trays


Last week, we all really enjoyed having a play in the allotment garden, but because we don't have many gardening tools at Nursery we decided to buy some real spades for us to use in our digging area. It was amazing to see how safely the children used the spades, and because they are ‘real tools’ the children get a lot more engagement out of them because they get to feel grown up and help out!

Next week we will be taking them back to the allotment to get planting!

Farm Tuff Tray

On Thursday the children explored in the tuff tray with a wide range of natural resources along with some animals and tractors. Buried in the soil were some real vegetables. The children worked together to build their own pens for the animals, making sure the cows had lots of food. They enjoyed crumbling the weetabix and using it for hay.

What you could do at home:

Here are some tuff tray ideas online but one of the children’s favourites is making tea with some scented tea bags, jugs, mugs, water and spoons.

Tool Kit

Because the children have been really interested in building and fixing lately, this week we brought a special new tool kit just for Nursery! On Thursday we got it out to have a go with. We all got to take turns using the screwdriver, saw and hammer. Everyone was so careful using these and they all took extra care to stay safe. After we had tried some using the wood, the children wanted to have a go at using the tools on the junk modeling, putting screws and nails into the old cardboard boxes. As well as being a great way to practice using tools safely, this was a great opportunity to practice our coordination and fine motor skills.

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