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Chinese New Year

Today was Chinese New Year, and the official start to the Year of the Ox. So to help celebrate we read about a story about called the Dragon Dance, to help us find out about Chinese New Year and how people celebrate. Then in the afternoon, we got out our Chinese bowls and chopsticks and had lots of fun playing with noodles in the tuff tray. Dragons were then a big theme for the afternoon, with everyone one running around chasing the big Dragon! When we come back from half term we’re going to have a go at making our own dragons:

Valentines Day Biscuits

On Monday our cooking activity was to make valentines biscuits. As a whole group activity the children had to wait patiently for their turn and work together to combine the ingredients. Cooking encourages children's thinking, problem solving and creativity. This was a great opportunity for the children to develop their language skills, particularly mathematical language through measuring. The children used a range of descriptive language to describe the texture of the dough as they had to mix it with their hands.

What you could do at home: Here's a link to simple recipes for children:

Yoga and Mandela meditation

On Wednesday we all had a go at being bendy, giggly, clever and strong doing our yoga dog, cat, snake, swan and lion poses. To finish, we enjoyed a quiet few moments with relaxing music, colouring a circular geometric pattern called a mandala. We sat around the table where coloured pencils were laid out in the middle, then chose one colour at a time, putting the pencil back in the middle when finished so that everyone could share the colours.

What you could do at home: You could try these yoga poses and mandala meditation at home online at It has excellent fun yoga videos for young children.

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