This week at Nursery

Skittles Experiment

All the children show a keen interest for rainbows, so for this week's activity we decided to do an experiment to create one. The children arranged the skittles in a circular shape on the plate then poured over some warm water to cover all the skittles. The children were amazed to see a rainbow appear as the colors moved towards the middle to make a whirl. George said “this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen”.

Rainbow Ice Cubes

For Wednesday's activity we experimented with rainbow ice cubes. First we found out that when water gets really cold, it freezes, and the children had lots of fun holding the ice and describing how it felt; wet, cold, slippy and freezing were some of the main describing words they came up with. Lucy then added some cups of warm water and pipettes and asked the children what they thought might happen to the ice if we dropped some warm water onto it.

“It will melt!” shouted Olivia excitedly. Hearing this encouraged the others to use the pipettes to cover the ice cubes with the water and we all watched excitedly as they slowly started to melt and get smaller. This prompted some of the children to add a couple of ice cubes to their cups of warm water, “Mines turning rainbow” said Mia. “I'm going to see what colour it will make” Poppy said while mixing some purple and red ice cubes together, “only the red ice cube is left now”. We ended the activity once all of the ice cubes had melted and Lucy asked the children how their hands felt, and rather than tell her they showed her by putting their cold fingers on Lucy’s cheek!

Painting Shells

On Friday, as part of our quiet time at the start of day we got out our collection of sea shells and had a go at painting them. The children really love these painting activities when we get to use materials other than paper to colour, and because we used watercolours they are so easy to wash off and start again!

Whilst we were painting, the children told me that they could hear the sea:

"I think it's a little bit of the sea in there that you can hear"

"I think that it's magic!"

Next week, we're going to get out our farm animals and have a go at painting these.

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