The Year of the Ox

We've had a great week this week, as the snow melted and the warmer weather settled in we’ve been making the most of the great outdoors. We even got to take our bikes up to the village hall for a ride around.

For the best moments from this week, have a look at our Learning Moments HERE

Next week, we’ll be celebrating Chinese Year on Friday the 12th with some special food for our afternoon snack - 2021 is the year of the Ox, and because a strange obsession with Buffalo and Wilder beasts has taken over Nursery this year I think will go down very well! Here a nice little link to a colour by number that well have out on the art trolley next week:

Colour By Number

Also, we’ll be making some lovely valentines day cards, so keep an eye out for those coming home!

This week, we’ve been working on improving our understanding of number by making our own Number Beads:

These Montessori inspired activities are a great way for children to start linking the symbolic with the physical, and start gaining a understanding of what each number represents and not just learn it by recognition without a deeper understanding. We're going to add to this next week by making a something similar, but by working together to make a number line with hammer and nails (because everything can be improved by using a hammer!).

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