The Big Bird Watch


This week were getting ready for the RSPB big bird watch. If you haven't already heard of the Big Bird Watch, head over to for all the details. So, to help us prepare for this we are doing some fantastic Colouring in:

Colouring In


Making Cherrio Bird Feeders:

These are my favourite way to make bird feeders, they are so simple and easy and the kids will happily spend ages engaged in this (if you don't have pipecleaners at home, string will do the job).

And finally on Friday afternoon we will be taking part in the Big Bird Watch by spending the afternoon making a survey off what birds we can see in our garden.

RSPB Survey

We would love to see some pictures of how you get at home, so parents if you wanted to add any photos into your Google Photo album, or simply tag us in on Facebook (@Wistanstowunderfives) it would be fantastic!

Have a great week.

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