Sping Time

Updated: Mar 12

Allotment Gardening

On Wednesday with the sunshine out, we put on our boots and went across to our allotment, or as the children love to call it Mr Mcgregors Garden! We all took some spades, and Henry brought along some diggers to help out. We spent the afternoon digging up the weeds from last year ready to start getting ready for this years veg. With the warmer weather starting to settle in more and more, we'll be getting in the allowment most weeks. If you fancy having a go at growing this year, please let us know as we've got some spare space thats going free.

World Book Day

Thursday was World Book Day, and with the kind donation of Burway books we all got some special books to help us celebrate. In 'Luna loves World Book Day' they head to the library to make some pototaoe book characters so we decided to have a go at making our own ones. They loved doing and spent ages, glueing, sticking and cutting to make thier own characters.

What you could do at home: Have a go at making your own potatoe character.

Making a House

At Snack time on Tuesday, George was telling us about his lambs on the farm. We talked about how maybe we could get some lambs coming in Nursery for a visit soon. The children felt that it would best to build the lambs a home before they come in, so we got out the paints and tools and found some spare bits of wood to start creating a fantastic home for the lambs to use when they come into Nursery! They really enjoyed painting onto the scrap wood and spent a long time making sure that everything was just right.

What you could try at home:

Find some old scrap bits of wood and let the childrne paint them -even better if you've got some real brushes and rollers.

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