September 30th

Learning Moments - Autumn Finger Painting

On Wednesday, we decided to make some lovely Autumn pictures using brown, orange, red and yellow paints and our fingers to create some leaves for our trees. It was great to see how the children wanted to make their pictures, did they want to take their time and gently press their fingers down on the paper or did they speed through it smudging the paint as they went. The children got to see what colours we could make once they mixed the paint and it gave us a chance to talk a bit about autumn and what changes we noticed with the weather, trees and plants and what types of clothes we need to wear now.

Learning Moments - Disco

On Monday morning the children came in with a lot of energy! Pair that with Keagan singing Believer by the Imagine Dragons on repeat for the last few weeks meant the only sensible thing to do was have a disco. We put on the party lights and bubble machine and the children got out the musical instruments and we played some party music (including Keagan’s favourite song). The children had a great time singing and dancing along and playing their instruments together like a real band. It was a great way for them to shake off some of that energy but also do something as a group and got them all laughing and talking together. It was also a brilliant way to start a Monday and meant the children were all in great spirits for the rest of the day.

Learning Moments - Walk in the Woods

This week, while the sun was shining we took a walk up to the Village Hall and into the woods. The children followed the paths and navigated their way up hills, over big tree roots and down super slippy hills. It was a great way to boost the children’s confidence, there were some tricky parts to the walk and the children were unsure at times as to whether they could manage certain bits but they worked really hard to keep going and had so much fun exploring our local surroundings. We collected some sticks and leaves and even found a very friendly cat at the park to top it all off!

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