September 24th

Learning Moments - Making Mixtures - Lucy

While spending the morning outside and looking at all the different things in the Nursery garden the children decided they would like to make a mixture. We used a bucket and collected lots of different things. The children looked at leaves and we spoke about the different textures and shapes they had, were they soft or spiky, big or small. We filled the bucket with pine cones, flowers, feathers and stones. It was a great way for the children to explore where things come from, how they grow, practice their colours and shapes but also work as a team to collect things. Once they had enough, the children took it in turns to add some water to the bucket and give it a good stir. They were patient and waited their turns and had a great chat about what they could smell, what had happened to the leaves but also feel of all the different textures.

Try at home: Go outside and let the kids find things for their own mixtures potions. you could also explore which things sink or float in the water.

Learning Moments - Animal painting - Ryan

This morning, Sophie, Keagan and Josh were having a great time playing with the animals so we suggested that we get the paints out too so that we can paint the animals. They really enjoyed doing this and spent a long time concentrating on painting the animals. We even had a go at mixing some colours to make new ones “Look, it’s turning pink” Sophie said.

Next week we are going to do some more big painting to practice our gross motor skills. To do this we’re going to use real house painting brushes and some old MDF. This is something that you can easily try at home too. If you want to keep it a little cleaner you can always swap the paint for water and let the children paint the fence!

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