September 16th

Learning Moments - Sand Play

Since returning to Nursery we have had a sand table outside which has created hours and hours of fun for the children. They have worked together to make sandcastles, big and small, used the diggers to make roads and move the sand around and have been busy burying cars and using paintbrushes to find them again. The sand table has been great at bringing all the children together, they've done a brilliant job working as a team but also learning how to share and be mindful of their friends. Sand is also great for the children's fine motor skills, with a lot of pouring, building and mixing going on

Learning Moments - Playdough

On Monday it was Roald Dahl day. To celebrate we used playdough to make teeth for our Enormous Crocodiles. The children had to look at the numbers on their paper and create the same amount of teeth, this was great for number recognition but also a good opportunity to practice counting. We talked about the texture of the playdough, made as many different shapes as we could and the children loved rolling their dough into wriggly worms and snakes.

Learning Moments - Fruit skewers

On Wednesday the children made fruit skewers for snack time. We picked a variety of different fruits and the children each had a go at naming them, we also spoke about the different textures they had, were they hard or soft? Bumpy or smooth? Each child then had a go at cutting a piece of fruit for their skewer, bananas were easy to cut while apples were a bit trickier! Practicing their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, the children put their pieces of fruit onto the skewers, once they were ready they tucked in and we discussed what each fruit tasted like and which was our favourite. This was a fun activity and a great way for the children to try new things.

What you can do at home: Try introducing new fruits alongside some of your child's favourites, seeing how many different types of fruit skewers you can make. You can also try using shape cutters when chopping up fruit.

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