Our week at Nursery

Obstacle Course

This was one of our favourite activities of the week. George started it all off by making a small ramp to try and ride over on his bike. Slowly as the other children came outside the obstacle course grew as everyone added to it! It was so nice to see them working together and also to keep challenging themselves to see what they could achieve.

At Nursery we are always looking for ways to help the children build and grow in confidence and activities like this are the perfect place. Because, it's an activity that' come from them, they're motivated, engaged and wanting to challenge themselves. So, it's the perfect place for us as staff to help support and encourage them, especially through the language we use. For example,

“We wouldn't say “I can’t do this”; we say, “I can’t do this yet” - or "You nearly made, what if you tried another way?"

This way we can help focus on the process and the not the end result, helping them be proud of themselves and develop skills and resilience that they can use whereever.

If you wanted to have a go at home, its so easy and you could make this with almost anything!

Farm Walk

With Spring nearly here, we decided to swap our usual Forest School session for a farm walk. To help us get there we printed off some maps, found where Nursery was and planned our route. The children were so great, even though it was a long way and very muddy they all walked the whole way. So to finish off we had a little hot chocolate and cookie to finish off. Next week, we're going to have a go at drawing our own maps before we head out for a our walk.


Our focus for Maths this week has been on shapes. I wanted a nice open ended activity that both the youngest and oldest children could easily join with so I found this fantastic idea via Pinterest. With some small cocktail sticks and little pieces of clay we had a go at making our own 3D shapes. The older children were great at making shapes (started with a nice easy square) and the younger ones loved using these to play with and make birthday cakes!

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