October 7th

Learning Moments - Trip to Craven Arms

This Monday we had something very exciting planned for Nursery. The children went on the bus to Craven Arms and watched a play at the Community Centre called SMILE. A Tiger called Augustus had lost his smile and had to travel over Mountains, through rain and jungles and across the Desert to find it. The story was brought to life for the children as the performers played musical instruments such as a Cello, Violin and Viola. For some of the children it was the first time they had ever heard live music like this and it was lovely to watch how mesmerised they became once the actors started playing the music. It was a great interactive show that included bubbles, dancing, puppets and origami birds that were hidden in the cushions we were sitting on! As much as the children loved the show, they also had a great time on the bus and even though it was only one stop, they were so excited and smiled and giggled the whole way down the A49!

Try at home: Put on some classical music and let the kids have a dance party to something different.

Learning Moments - Forest school

Last Friday was forest school so while the rain took a break we decided to have a trip up to the Village hall to explore the woods, splash in the puddles and have a play in the park. We took the basket to collect some of the things we found on our trip and Harry carried it the whole way there and back, even when it became heavy with sticks, leaves and berries. On the playing field we found a load of Blackberry bushes so we picked as many as we could reach and ate all of them before we got back to Nursery. The children's puddle suits were great at drying the wet slide so everybody could have a turn and there were plenty of puddles for everyone to jump up and down in.

Activities for home: Go on a walk and see if you can collect/find any blackberries. They are easily made into jam or just great to eat as you pick!

Learning Moments - Racing cars

The children have been really enjoying playing with the toy cars recently. We took them to the park last week and had races with them down the slide which was a great hit so we decided to see if we could do the same at Nursery. The kids had a great idea to make their own racing slide by using some of the wooden planks and tree stumps we use for obstacle courses. They worked together to figure out where to position everything to make the best slide for the cars and Josh was very kind and got out some of his brilliant Hot Wheels cars from home and shared them out with everyone. They spent ages having races and seeing how many cars they could collect in a bucket at the end and it was also a great chance for them to all join in together but also learn how to be patient, share and take turns.

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