October 14

Learning Moments - Making Mummies

We started off the week with a Halloween activity, turning the children into spooky mummies! After sticking their faces onto the bodies we cut some small strips of paper and had great fun gluing them on. The children loved being able to place the paper wherever they wanted, and making a mess, and the messier they were, the better (and spookier) the mummies looked. The children had great concentration and sat quietly for a while, really thinking about where they wanted to put the next strip of paper and also helped each other out when needed. It was also a good chance for the children to talk about Halloween and what things they were excited about.

Learning Moments - Forest School Walk

For forest school this week we decided to go for a walk across the fields. We were surprised to find the really tall maize that was growing in the field was all gone, so we took the opportunity to pick some of the leftover corn and bring it back to Nursery. The children did a great job finding all the maize hiding on the stalks that were left and we had to work together to pull some of them off because they were stuck on very tightly! On our way round we found some good sticks to keep and we brought them back to Nursery to play with and the children made a great imaginary fire in the playground. We also stopped to say hello to some sheep which we named, Ryan, Lucy, Harri, Kevin and Josh after all of us that were in Nursery that day.

Learning Moments - Washing up

During the afternoon the children used the water to make a giant sink and wash up all of the pots and pans. They worked really hard together, sharing the washing and helping each other when needed. They loved being able to spray the hose and wash the bubbles off the pots and also filled up some cake tins to make us all some lovely cakes using berries we had picked on a walk up at the Village Hall. All the children love playing with the water because there are so many different ways to use it, however cleaning seems to be a firm favourite at the moment.

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