November 26

Learning Moments - Farm tuff tray

For Monday's afternoon activity we set up an interactive farm on the tuff tray, using Weetabix as hay bales, Cornflakes for hay and we even made edible mud! The children had a great time picking which animals they wanted and deciding what jobs the tractors were going to do. We used yellow shredded paper to make straw which was put on the back of the tractors and dropped off in different areas and we talked about what different textures we could feel, the cold sloppy mud, crunchy cornflakes, soft felt pond, and the children talked about which areas of the farm the animals lived. They spent a lot of time covering the animals with the mud then washing them off in the cleaning station we made. Most of the afternoon was spent playing with the farm and most of the Weetabix hay bales were gobbled up before the end of the day, which meant less cleaning up for us!

Learning Moments - Playdough

For our cooking activity on Wednesday we made some playdough but this was a little different as we added some cinnamon. The children helped to measure and mix all the ingredients together and then once cooled we used the xmas cutters. The children all really enjoyed making gingerbread men and this helped to develop their maths skills further by counting the buttons. Lots of manipulative skills took place as the children squished, squeezed, rolled, and pinched the dough which is helping to strengthen all the small muscles in the fingers and hands ready for when they learn to write.