November 19

Learning Moments - Cupcakes

Today for children in need we made some spotty cupcakes. The children had to do a range of tasks such as stirring, measuring, and pouring etc which allowed them to develop their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills. They all had to listen carefully to the instructions given and communicate with each other. Harri did a great job at putting all the cake cases onto the cake tray ready for them to scoop out the mixture in turn.

Learning Moments - Leaf people

On Monday we went for a walk in the churchyard to collect as many different leaves as we could find. The children found big leaves, small leaves, green leaves and spiky leaves. We talked about the different types of trees the leaves came from and how we could tell them apart because of their different looks and textures. Once back at Nursery we placed our leaves on a laminating sheet and arranged them into the shape of a person. The children had lots of fun picking which leaves to use and seeing how many different types of people they could make. Once laminated, we cut around them and stuck them up on the window.

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