November 12th

Learning Moments - Veggie Swirls

On Wednesday our cooking activity was making veggie swirls. First we had to roll out the pastry then spread the tomato sauce on top. Next we sprinkled some grated cheese, ham and mixed veg before rolling up and dividing into 10 slices. Once they were all on the baking tray we counted them before putting them in the oven. Cooking with children can encourage an interest in food, healthy eating habits and skills for life. This particular activity was short and simple but encouraged a wide range of skills such as building vocabulary and maths skills. The children all really enjoyed these as their afternoon snack.

Learning Moments - Poppies

This week we celebrated remembrance day by making our own poppies. The children were great at putting together and gluing all the pieces. After we had made them we sat down together to talk about why November 11th is a special day and how the poppies help us to remember those soldiers who have died. At 11am we watched the lovely Ceebeebies animation. during the 2 minute silence. The children have really loved watching this. If you would like to watch it at home, you can find the link here:

Learning Moments - Trip to Church Stretton Park

Before we broke up for half term we took the children on the bus to Church Stretton park to pick some conkers. They were very excited to catch the bus and we saw so many different things out of the window. The children saw sheep and horses, big hills and lorries and we had a lovely chat with some of the other people on the bus too. Once at the park we went straight over to the conker trees, the children couldn't believe how many there were and we all spent a while trying to find the biggest one, it wasn't long before we had filled our basket and it was very heavy and needed two helpers to carry it back to the bus stop.

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