May 14th

Making Potions

Our tuff tray activity this week was making potions using flowers, pots and pans with some food colouring added to water with mixing resources. The children used their imagination and made all sorts such as, dinner, soup, and potions. They practised pouring, emptying, filling, scooping, mixing, etc. This was also a great way for the children to practice their cutting skills as they got to cut the flowers and stems. Griff decided to save his potion and wait to see what happened. “We made this potion and when my mum gets here we think it's going to turn into a rainbow” Next week we are going to be doing a skittle experiment which will form a rainbow pattern.

Planting Cress

On Monday the children took part in planting some cress seeds. The children had to listen carefully to the instructions and it was a great way to gain an understanding of the science behind food and growing. Hopefully by growing their own food they will be more likely to try it. The cress is being grown on the windowsill so by watering them daily they will be able to see the growth over time.

What you could do at home:

This was such a simple activity and can be done in a variety of ways. Take a look at the fun ways to grow cress:

Grow Your Own

Painting Shells

On Friday, as part of our quiet time at the start of day we got out our collection of sea shells and had a go at painting them. The children really love these painting activities when we get to use materials other than paper to colour, and becuase we used watercolours they are so easy to wash off and start again!

Whilst we were painting, the children told me that they could hear the sea:

"I think it's a little bit of the sea in there that you can hear"

"I think that it's magic!"

Next week, we're going to get out our farm animals and have a go at painting these.

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