March 19th

Forest School

Instead of our usual trip to Forest School this week, we took a walk to the Farm. Everyone was so great at walking there and on the way we found lots of muddy puddles to keep us busy! Just before we got to the farm we stopped for a little drink of hot chocolate before walking back down road to Nursery.


We were very excited to see Alison back in Nursery this week for her Music sessions. We all remembered our favourite songs like ‘Chip,Chop,Mash,Mash’ . We all remembered how to do our nice sitting and how important listening is when we do our music.

This week we were practicing reading rhythms using our animal picture cards. Everyone was really great at keeping in time and clapping out the beat. We even got to have a little dance and play with the instruments at the end of the session.

Fruit Salad

On Monday our cooking activity was making a fruit salad. The children loved the opportunity of preparing their own snack and some were more eager to try the fruits. One of the children’s favourites was the watermelon. They got to use child friendly knives to chop up the fruits whilst some got the chance to peel the fruits. All the children worked together to achieve a goal which required cooperation and patience. We took note of the different colours, smells and textures.

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