Learning Moments


On Wednesday we made sparkly crowns. The children had lots of fun together decorating their crowns, adding some colourful triangles and making a mess with the glitter! Once Livvy had made her crown everyone wanted a turn and soon the nursery was full of colourful princes and princesses, which was great for imaginative play. “This is fantastic!” Said George as he tried on his crown for the first time.

Name Collage

On Monday the children had to decorate their name with small bits of tissue paper. This was a great activity because it was colourful, fun and a simple way to encourage name recognition. Some of the children made the sounds to letters and all developed a sense of pride and achievement as they were all really pleased with their finished piece.

Village Hall

On Thursday we got to go back up and visit the Village Hall. We were very excited to get out all of the toys and equipment - especially the big slide! We spent the morning there riding around on the bikes, climbing the balance beams and playing with the farms. It was so nice for the children to be in a new space after all this time. From after the half term, we’ll be visiting every Thursday morning for a good run around and to practice our climbing, jumping and biking skills.

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