June 21st


On Wednesday due to the weather being warm we thought it would be a good idea to create a tent for some extra shade. The children helped to put the parachute up and we needed to figure out how it was going to stay up. With some perseverance and determination, we finally managed to find a way to use the car doors to hold it securely. Once the parachute was up, the children decided to get some blankets to make it cosy along with puppets. From this the children engaged in some imaginative play and retold familiar stories such as the three little pigs. Tent building helps with self confidence, independence, problem solving skills and the development of fantasy.

What you could do at home: Make your very own dens at home using a range of materials such as blankets, boxes, cushions etc - where they can make their own little imaginative world and hideaway and make their own rules, scenarios and language.

Snail Homes

The children have been fascinated by snails for the last few weeks and keep wanting to collect them to take home. So, to help keep the snails at the Nursery (and parents happy!) we decided to have a go at making our own snail homes so that the children can keep them here. Using some old plastic plant pots we carefully decorated them using PVA glue and bits of coloured tissue paper. Then, after we had finished we took them out to the garden to leave them in a cool and damp place to hopefully attract our own snails to come and live there.

For any fans of creepy crawlies who want to have a go at making their own snail habitat, here’s the link:

Making Potions

On Thursday afternoon in between making trips to water the allotment plants, we set up a potion-making activity on the tuff tray. The children collected a variety of different leaves and flowers to cut up, which was great practice for using scissors, and we added pipettes to suck up the water. Lucy added a few drops of different food colouring to the potion bowls and the children had fun trying to work out what colours they could make before they mixed everything together. They all sat together for a long time listening to the noises the stems and leaves made as they cut them and we experimented to see if they would change colour once they were added to the coloured water.

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