June 18th


On Tuesday the children were all really engaged in playing hairdressers taking it in turns to have a go at brushing and styling hair. It was a great opportunity for the children to have a choice in choosing what hairstyle they would like and to consider others. The children learnt that they have differences and similarities between themselves and others. It was also good practice for small movement manipulation skills such as those used for brushing and putting hair clips in.

Ice Cream

This one was actually from last week, but we wanted to share our lovely Ice Cream Pictures with you! Whilst the School had invited the Ice Cream Man around for the Climbing Day, we snuck down first to grab an ice cream for all of Nursery. We loved eating these in the shade to cool off from the hot sun.

Making Potions

On Thursday afternoon in between making trips to water the allotment plants, we set up a potion-making activity on the tuff tray. The children collected a variety of different leaves and flowers to cut up, which was great practice for using scissors, and we added pipettes to suck up the water. Lucy added a few drops of different food colouring to the potion bowls and the children had fun trying to work out what colours they could make before they mixed everything together. They all sat together for a long time listening to the noises the stems and leaves made as they cut them and we experimented to see if they would change colour once they were added to the coloured water.

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