July 5th

Potato Heads

When we went to pick up our milk from the shop on Tuesday, we found that they were giving away lots of potatoes so we decided to take some back to Nursery to have a go at making our own Potato Heads! The children loved doing, especially as we got to get the glue, glitter and googly eyes out!

Life Cycle Headbands

We are currently growing our own caterpillars at nursery and are in the third stage of the cycle so on Wednesday the children made life cycle headbands. We discussed the different stages during the transformation and then the children had to remember and stick them in the correct order. It was a great opportunity to practice cutting skills as the children had to cut around the pictures. The children concentrated really hard and tried hard not to cut into the pictures. They were all so pleased with their finished piece.

Forest School Fire

To celebrate our last Forest School before the summer we had a little fire to go with our weekly hot chocolate. The children all helped to collect up lots of dry pine cones to use on the fire and they were so sensible once the fire was on! We talked about the importance of staying safe near the fire, by staying sitting down and not coming within the log circle.

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