We've had a busy week at Nursery this week! We've added in our Learning Moments below so you can see our favourites and get some ideas to try out at home as-well.

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This week, while we've been out walking around the church yard we saw some snow drops which made us very excited to see the first signs of spring, so next week we're going to try collecting and pressing some of them to make lovely pictures.

Also coming up next week as part of our Monday cooking Kelly's going to be making Playdough. If you haven't already had a go at making playdough at home, its so simple and the kids love it. We love adding in real everyday items to this, like cutlery or pots and pans as its such a great way to get the kids engaged and using real practical objects. Which we love!

Playdough Recipe

Also, after we found 'Dinosaur Bones' down at Forest School we're going to try and make some of our own fossils using salt dough (Playdough with extra salt to help it dry) and toy dinosaurs to make our own fossils. We've been extra smart and are linking our current interest in birds to our new interest in Dinosaurs with this beautiful video showing how some Dinosaur's evolved into todays birds:


Dinosaur Fossils
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Rice Krispie Cakes
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Animal sounds recognition
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