Top 5 Activities to Keep Your Child Engaged

Remember the days when we could head to soft play and just relax while the children amused themselves? Or when the weather was nice enough that we could open the back door and they'd happily play out in the garden?? With winter just round the corner and another national lockdown in force, we're all in need of some activities that will keep our children engaged and playing happily (maybe even quietly!?) for longer than 2 minutes!

Here are our 5 favourite activities to keep your child engaged...

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1. Good old-fashioned colouring and drawing

Kids LOVE colouring and drawing. It is still one of the most popular activities in our preschool and they just don't seem to get bored of it!

Our favourite art materials at the moment are these paint sticks - all the joy of paint but none of the mess!!

And these sketch books will give your little one a real sense of creating something important. I especially love them because you get to decorate the cover as well, giving you a truly unique keepsake for when they are older!

2. Water Beads

These slimy translucent little balls keep the children engaged for ages! Pop them in some water and watch them grow. We like to combine them with some of our kitchen toys in the tuff tray to create a meaningful play experience..

In case you haven't heard of it, a tuff tray is an AMAZING piece of kit to help keep messy play contained and your house slightly cleaner and tidier! This one is pretty bog standard, but you can get them for less money if you don't get the stand and they do some with pretty awesome designs as well!

3. Mud Kitchen

Looking for something that can still get them out of the house? Mud kitchens can provide hours of fun. Children don't seem to notice the cold or the wet when they're busy mixing up mud pies and hot chocolate!

Team it up with a good quality mud suit to keep them warm and comfortable, whatever the weather! We recommend the Lupilu trousers and coat set from Lidl if you can get one! These waterproof trousers from Playshoes at Amazon look very similar though.

4. Puzzles

Puzzles can provide hours of fun and they have great benefits for children's coordination and thinking skills. For younger children, simple wooden puzzles are a great introduction to puzzling, such as this super cute dinosaur puzzle:

Once they are confident with this style of puzzle, you can move onto something like this, with 4-6 pieces per puzzle.

As their fine motor skills develop, you can transition to cardboard puzzles which come in all different kinds of designs (not just dinosaurs!) One of our favourites at the moment is this Rock Trolls one...

I think one of my favourite things is that you can get a puzzle to suit pretty much anyone's taste!

5. Magformers

For those times when you want to build something but you're tired of Duplo. Magformers snap together easily through the use of magnets. They are great for building, learning colour names, 2D and 3D shapes and motor skills. I think this WOWSet looks like a lot of fun!!

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